Jacaranda trees

The Jacaranda tree is striking when it’s lilac-blue floral show dominates the landscape. Jacaranda trees were introduced to South Africa in the 1880’s and have invaded most parts of South Africa, especially Pretoria (Tswane). Most people think that Jacaranda trees are native to Pretoria but they were imported from Argentina. During the months of October and November, Pretoria is transformed into a glowing purple mass. Jacarandas line the streets, dot the parks and gardens and carpet their floors with blossoms. It is estimated that there are about 65000 Jacaranda trees in Pretoria - nicknamed the Jacaranda City.

The Blue Jacaranda likes to grow where there is no risk of frost and they can tolerate temperatures of -7ºC. Sadly, since the Jacaranda tree is exotic, it is considered to be invasive, therefore no new trees are allowed to be planted. Recently laws were passed that allow existing trees to be kept, but they may not be replaced when they die.

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