Valentine’s Day


Romance doesn't have to be expensive

There are so many stories around the origin of Valentine’s Day that one cannot be certain where it all began, but one thing is certain and that is that Valentine’s Day has become extremely commercialised. It seems that just about every shop sells merchandise specifically for Valentine’s Day, making couples feel guilty for not buying anything and causing single people to realise that they are alone in a traditionally romantic month.

 I am quite sure that Valentine’s Day isn’t suppose to make us feel guilty and then forcing us to shop when we didn’t intend to buy anything in the first place. I am pretty sure that the whole idea of Valentine’s Day is to spoil and treasure that special person in your life with something money can’t buy. Let’s face it, if you love someone, you should show it throughout the year with small gestures instead of materialistic gifts once a year.

Now, wouldn’t it be better to spoil your loved one with a memory, rather than a monetary gift? Be creative when you plan a memory for that special person. First of all, find out what he or she likes and then plan a day according to those preferences. For example, a picnic in the country side, followed by a romantic dinner at a very exclusive place, ending off with a night somewhere else than home – that is romantic. Instead of doing it only on Valentine’s Day, do it at other times of the year to let your loved one know how special he or she is.

Your hosts at Tladi Lodge Hotel will accommodate you in romantic settings, will book and organise a shuttle to an exclusive restaurant of your choice in the Sandton area. Your hosts will ensure that your experience will be magical, allowing you to focus all your love on your partner. Give us a call. Happy planning!

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