Cycle Challenges


When the going is tough


This is dedicated to all the Argus Cyclists. We wish you good luck and may the best man win.


A very hot Cape Town sun is scorching the cyclists, dehydrating us, testing our cycling skills and causing the horizon to swim in the heat waves. I can’t help but wonder: why am I doing this to myself again? I can feel my muscles abusing my energy levels and sweat streaming down my face and my back.


My body has become one with my special edition bicycle – a real master piece, light weight and state of the art technology. The dark blue and silver give the bicycle frame a look of special powers. I am part of the race, yet my mind has escaped my body. It is as if my mind has wings, visiting destinations of its own. I am hardly aware of all the cyclists around me; my only goal is to cross the finish line.


I have been working out very hard, focussing on cardio exercises and building my muscles. I know I can finish the race and for some reason, my will power is much stronger than my energy levels.


I look up and see that the long uphill section is almost done, just a few more metres to the curve and then a little downhill. The sun is so bright and hot. I really have to concentrate now.


As we reach the curve something happens, the front tyre of my bicycle wobbles and I lose control. And all of a sudden I am air borne. I fly through the air, over the curve and then down towards the sea. How can this happen? What happened? I should be landing on the hard ground any second now. But instead it is a very soft landing – as soft as my bed. I feel around, open my eyes and realise with relieve: I am in my bed and it was just a nasty dream.


Good luck and be safe.

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