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67 Minutes for Mandela Day


Every year, South Africa celebrates Mandela Day on 18 July. We do it by committing 67 minutes of our precious time to a charity. With so many charities in dire straits, it is difficult to choose who to support. The lovely thing is, though, that one doesn’t have to support only one charity.



Supporting charities is not the only way to celebrate Mandela Day, there are so many ways that we can get involved and help the underprivileged. For instance, instead of donating a sum of money, spend 67 minutes of your time reading interesting stories to a “forgotten” elderly person at the closest old age home. Or buy 67 cans of food and distribute it at a place where people are really hungry.

Another idea is to buy 67 blankets, or collect 67 blankets from colleagues and/or neighbours and distribute that in the communities who seriously need help. If you think about it, 67 minutes is just over an hour and really wouldn’t shorten your day that much.

If you don’t like people, you could always spend 67 minutes by feeding animals at the local SPCA or donate R67 or more to an animal currently at the SPCA. These animals could really do with financial aid.

Whatever you do with your time and money on this Mandela Day, please do spare a thought and think of all the people in this country who are desperate for something to eat and who are desperate for shelter.