Tladi Lodge


Halloween at Tladi Lodge

Guests surprises

It seems that people in South Africa don’t celebrate Halloween with the same enthusiasm as the Americans and this made me wonder: how would guests react if they would find a Halloween gift on their bed? Especially if the gift looks gruesome, albeit edible.

In search of the perfect gift, I found some interesting articles on Google and I just had to laugh at some of the pictures and ideas. Just imagine this: latex gloves filled with popcorn, red sweets at the end to look like fingernails and a red tie where the hand should be afixed to the arm. Grrrr, that’s just “sies” (as per the latest Spur advert).

A very creative idea is boiled eggs, cut in half, topped with half an olive to form a spider’s body. For legs, they’ve cut an olive into strips, and placed it next to the “body” of the spider. This I’ll eat.

Another idea was vienna sausages cut in half. The round ends had one small, round taken out of the sausage to form an eye – and voila – vienna aliens.

Of course, there was a pumpkin filled with ice as an ice bucket, a pumpkin with skewers and many other pumpkin ideas. But I have to tell you my favourite – biscuit shaped fingers with almonds as fingernails and the other end dipped in red berry jam. I couldn’t, for the life of me, imagine eating one of these.

Do you have interesting “gruesome” food stories to tell? How would you react if you found one of these “fingers” in your room?