Tladi Lodge


Changing Times

From booking accommodation at Tladi Lodge Hotel to recording our memories

We all know the cliché “the only constant is change” and we see it in our daily lives. Just as we get used to something, it changes, and it seems that the changes keep on happening faster and faster. When we look back at when cellular telephones were launched and how it evolved to the current mobile phones, the changes over the time seem to happen at a continuously faster pace. 

(I’m pretty sure that the cellphone companies struggle to keep up with their own technological advances.) We can’t call it phones anymore – it is now a mobile device. And just as we think we have the hang of these devices with all their modern applications and widgets, it improves so much in the next upgrade that we need more time to figure it all out again.

The benefits of the digital age is that one can almost book an entire journey on one’s device, all simplified with applications. For instance, one can book accommodation through the application, book a flight on the Mango application and then search a few restaurants in the vicinity – all on one mobile device.

The same mobile device features the TripAdvisor application where one can review the destination of choice, restaurants and other travel services. The beauty of all of this is that it can be done while everybody around you is sound asleep. Or better still, hundreds of miles up in the sky in one of Mango’s 3G equipped Boeings.

The technology doesn’t stop there, of course. One can share all the glorious moments with friends and family on various social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest, or any other chat room, like – all with the one mobile device.

Then I look at the incredible device of which I haven’t even discovered half of the features, and cannot help to wonder: what’s next?

Time also flies continuously faster year after year. We have just come to grips with all the challenges of the current year when we realise – it’s Christmas again and this year has also flown by at the speed of light. My guess is that because of all the modern technology, we cram so much into our days to keep up with the pace that we don’t realise how time flies by.

The new year will bring new challenges, which will mean a whole lot of changes again. Let’s hope it will all be for the good and that we will find a way to fit everything into our days while we have more time to utilise the finer things in life.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a very prosperous 2014.